Agathoclis Beckmann Ltd was established in 1992 by the Landscape Architect, Paul Beckmann, following an early career in both the public and private sectors. Registered with the Landscape Institute and based in Warburton, Cheshire, the practice undertakes a wide range of works in the UK and in Greece.

We believe that aesthetically pleasing, well-executed and cost-effective design is critically important. The need to create and conserve a positive sense of identity, to make buildings – and particularly the spaces between them – reflect both the peculiarities of the local landscape and the aspiration of the people living within it has never been so great. We seek to confront these issues and produce well-considered innovative responses to them.

We are also keen to create new features in the landscape and to ensure that such features are properly and carefully considered to avoid damaging the wider landscape. Where new features do potentially damage the landscape, we can advise on methods of minimising the damage or ameliorating visual impacts. In other areas we are keen on restoring degraded landscapes, reintroducing trees, hedges, walls, ponds etc. where these features have disappeared through, for instance, open-cast mining.

Agathoclis Beckmann strongly support the European Landscape Convention (ETS 176) of 20 X. 2000 and the need to protect and conserve landscapes. We have carried out several Landscape Character Assessments in the UK northwest as well as a larger number of Landscape Impact and Visual Impact Assessments for various types of development throughout the UK.

We carry out many garden design projects in the UK and in Greece and enjoy the process of advising clients and of suggesting new ideas and concepts.

Agathoclis Beckmann regularly work as members of multi-disciplinary design teams both in the UK and in Greece.